Spring break inspo

As I mentioned in the last post,I am on my easter hols atm & ngl I am loving it..lots of beach lots of pool lots of sun. I am an ocean child through and through so I feel so fab atm in my natural habitat! That’s right, I am on spring break ( lol jk…I hope….like seriously) […]



Anne – France Dauthville. Chloé AW16

Clare Waight Keller, the creative director behind Chloé, knows what women want, and what the love. With her favourite, laid-back signatures, Clare revived the spirit of a Frenchwoman, Anne-France Dauthville, who travelled across Europe and Middle East on her motorcycle in the 70s. One of the looks was basically a motocross combo of a jacket and a […]


Daily Dose Of Adventures.






My cousin/auntie’s mum has a clothes company and we went to choose clothes to take away!!! So lucky, I will show you guys but I think I might just do a huge Hong Kong haul once I’m home so I can have my laptop and do it properly 😊 that sound good?




Then we went for massages!!! The girls here are so strong hahha, I actually flinched at one moment where my lady pushed a little too hard on my leg 😱






Ps. They massage your boobs here. It was super awkward. But massaging the area around your bra line (ie. around your boob) is supposed to be good in preventing breast cancer so I was like okay cool 😳










This cheesecake is world famous. IT WAS SO GOOD. It was like light and fluffy 😋😋😋 nomnom.



Came back from china to Hong Kong, to our apartment which had to festering cockroaches cause we hadn’t left the AC on 😱😱😱 and when my dad try to attack it, IT HAD REFLEXES AND DODGED!!!!!!!! then scuttled at the speed of light down into a little hole.

Safe to say I am sleeping with one eye open tonight.



We arrived in Hong Kong at around 15:30ish and customs and getting our luggage etc was just a drag. I slept 0 out of the 15+ hours we spent on the plane and in the airport so I was really knackered by the time we arrived. Plus on our first flight to Dubai to get our connecting flight to Hong Kong, the children decided to invade the aircraft, I had children in front and behind me, basically orbiting around my like I was Jupiter with many moons (is that the planet that has stuff orbiting it?). Anyway yeah they seemed to be contacting eachother in their own secret language throughout the whole flight, crying, NONSTOP. Suicide I know is not an issue to joke about so I want you guys to know how serious I was when I considered ending it right there and then with a spoon I’d been given to eat my food. And then on the flight from Dubai to Hong Kong I just couldn’t get comfy! It was like my back/ass was saying ‘HELL NO, NO MORE SITTING FOR YOU FATTY’. My back killed me, I felt like a grandma who needed a hip replacement. Needless to say I was like the Hulk but on his period if boys got periods.

At these times I know I can be tough especially on my family since we were together basically for 24 hours with no break, so I really appreciate how they just ignored me (yep I appreciate it) and still love me to bits 💖

Anyway so yeah, after that we got picked up by a friend/relative (not really sure who she is to us but hey ho) and took us to the apartment we were staying at. I was reunited with my cousin (/auntie due to a very messed up generation thing according to Chinese people) who I haven’t seen in ages so that was awesome.

Indeed I have been awake for possibly over 24 hours now so I know you don’t mind if I just give you pics. We basically just ate after we arrived (after having refreshed as much as we can) and now we’re home because it’s bright and early tomorrow to sort out my HK Identity card. YAY NO CATCH UP SLEEP. YAY NO LIE IN. Life sucks poo.







This is my current make up table due to the cramped conditions of Hong Kong apartments 😔


Food was so good 😊






My purchases from today/yesterday (time difference really messes with my concept of days):


Unfortunately the colour I actually got from YSL isn’t the one I wanted so hopefully on the flight back I can buy the right one HEHHEEEHEHHEH. And the eyeliner my cousin said was amazingly good and since it was so cheap I decided to try it!!!!

So the apartment has no mirrors… We actually had to buy cheapo mirrors to do makeup in etc… So OOTD might be a bit hard but I will try my best!!!! 😘✌️

Also I wanted to show you what my cousin got me for my birthday (belated gift) cause it’s super cute!







Anyway! So tired 😩 so that’s all my loves.


What’s in my bag? Airplane edition.

So I thought it’d be nice to show you guys what I was taking on the airplane since it might help some of you who are going on holiday and don’t know what to bring: and also to help me in case I’m taking something that I can’t take ;)!

Here’s a picture of everything:



As a must obviously I need my glasses, purse and my Sony reader. Due to not being able to sleep on a plane (I don’t know why it’s just impossible so I’m going to be awake the whole 15+ hours :() I not only watch almost all the movies that are available on the TV thing, I have to read. I actually read until I feel I can’t anymore ie. when they shut off the lights for bedtime and everyone is sleeping and I feel rude turning my light on to continue reading.

I also brought leggings, because comfort comes first and a grey over sized jumper, because the AC on a plane is frickin’ crazy. What are they trying to do to us? Freeze us before we arrive to preserve our flesh just in case we rot on the TEDIOUSLY LONG flight! Depending on the weather I might actually end up wearing that instead of changing into it on the plane.

I bought my own blanket this year because I absolutely HATE the blankets they give us on the plane. They just feel grim and slimey (if blankets can feel slimey) and they make your hair smell all horrible and frizzy AND YOU DON’T KNOW WHO HAS HAD IT BEFORE YOU 😦 I think my OCD is getting worse as I get older.

In my little travel pack I have: Handcream (because a plane is seriously dehydrating for all exposed skin), antibacterial gel (OCD), make up wipes (not just for make up, will use them for refreshing my face), an apricot scrub from St. Ives (because I feel like it will refresh my face during and after the plane ride), my honey lip balm from Burt’s Bees, some eye recovery cream (again, plane journey extremely drying for skin ESPECIALLY EYES!), contacts (not in image), I will also scoop some Clinique moisture surge extended thirst relief face cream into a little pot for the journey (EXTREMELY DRYING PEOPLE) and a tester given to me for the Decleor BB cream. I normally go on the flight with make up, then get off with a bare face but I brought some BB cream this time just to again make my face refreshed and it is an attempt to make myself feel less grotty. Because for some reason planes make you grotty.

Earphones & phone: obvious necessity aha.

So yeah, I’m not looking forward to tomorrow’s plane journey and hope it will fly by!

Are you guys going anywhere nice this year??