Spring break inspo

As I mentioned in the last post,I am on my easter hols atm & ngl I am loving it..lots of beach lots of pool lots of sun. I am an ocean child through and through so I feel so fab atm in my natural habitat! That’s right, I am on spring break ( lol jk…I hope….like seriously) […]



Student Perks.

Student life sucks, let’s be honest. Exams, deadlines, all-nighters, alcohol, unhealthy food. It’s not good for you. The only perk to being a student nowadays are the discounts you get and the ‘student-focused’ campaigns from shops. However, the big chains don’t … Continue reading

Skincare Haul.

Since I’ve found that Asian skin products, typically Korean brands, compliment my skin more than those from England I’ve been ordering all my creams and cleansers etc from W2Beauty (since you can’t get any proper Asian cosmetics in England). Now I … Continue reading

Clothes Haul!!

I’m back from London in grey Lancashire! Whoop!

My work experience at The Tab was AMAZING. I miss the people I met already. 


Also I have big news! From September this year I’m being made Editor of The Tab Lancaster 👌🏻💕 



If you have time go check out the websites:

Tab.co.uk – (the national one)

Lancaster.tab.co.uk – (the regional one I will be leading in September) 

Anyway I indulged in some retail therapy yesterday from post-London-blues.





Primark (went on a bit of a rampage for pyjamas):



Miss Selfridge:



New Look:





River Island:


Afternoon tea + today’s purchase 


Today we went shopping!!!!!!

I’d bought so much stuff this Easter when I went to Chester, I’ll be uploading a ‘haul’ type post to show what I’ve bought in prep for spring/summer! Though I am sad to see winter go 😢, so today I set my sights on skincare.

Lately my skin hasn’t been great – I’ve been ill, it’s winter etc 😣 so I’m really excited to try this Ibuki range from Shiseido. I opted for Shiseido just cause I’ve tried it before and it didn’t let me down so hopefully this won’t either.

The woman in John Lewis was super helpful in helping me choose a range, I literally went upto her and was like “help me😭”, doing all these tests so fingers crossed 👌