Student Perks.

Student life sucks, let’s be honest. Exams, deadlines, all-nighters, alcohol, unhealthy food. It’s not good for you. The only perk to being a student nowadays are the discounts you get and the ‘student-focused’ campaigns from shops. However, the big chains don’t … Continue reading

Skincare Haul.

Since I’ve found that Asian skin products, typically Korean brands, compliment my skin more than those from England I’ve been ordering all my creams and cleansers etc from W2Beauty (since you can’t get any proper Asian cosmetics in England). Now I … Continue reading

Afternoon tea + today’s purchase 


Today we went shopping!!!!!!

I’d bought so much stuff this Easter when I went to Chester, I’ll be uploading a ‘haul’ type post to show what I’ve bought in prep for spring/summer! Though I am sad to see winter go 😢, so today I set my sights on skincare.

Lately my skin hasn’t been great – I’ve been ill, it’s winter etc 😣 so I’m really excited to try this Ibuki range from Shiseido. I opted for Shiseido just cause I’ve tried it before and it didn’t let me down so hopefully this won’t either.

The woman in John Lewis was super helpful in helping me choose a range, I literally went upto her and was like “help me😭”, doing all these tests so fingers crossed 👌



August Favourites.

Autumn’s nearly here!! How gay right? So these are the products I had been loving last month! First is the Aussie Leave-in Conditioning Spray  Obviously as summer ends, a consequence to enjoying the sun too much is dry hair due … Continue reading

July Favourites.

I know this is super late – well it’s not that late it’s only the 6th August – but here it is!

So you guys know I was in Hong Kong for the majority of July, this resulted in me not really trying many beauty products etc, so this Favourites post is going to be a bit different. Instead I’m just going to post stuff that I’ve tried once or twice and have loved or not really meshed with but haven’t used for an extended period of time to give a true analysis for you guys.

Let’s start with the products I’ve tried and loved from the beginning:

First on my list is the Etude House Baking Powder BB Deep Cleansing Foam; I didn’t actually choose to buy this product it was given to me as a tester as a consequence of me buying so much from Etude House :’) which is what I love about Hong Kong, you get so many freebies!!!!!! ❤

I absolutely love this cleanser. To the extent that I was mildly depressed for like 10 minutes that I’d repurchased my Tea Tree Cleanser from The Body Shop thus giving me no choice but to have to wait till I finish using that before I buy this. It just made my skin so cleaaaaan!! Now I don’t know whether it’s true that Asian beauty products are better for Asian skin but I feel like I have never seen my skin so clean after just one use of a cleanser!! My redness had been reduced and my skin just looked so pearly and flawless and bright and JUST SO GOOOOOOOD: that I actually just left BB cream and powder etc and just out my usual eye make up on. I don’t know if I’m supposed to use this on a daily basis or whether this is meant for once or twice a week application as I can’t read Korean but I’m pretty sure you can use this on a daily basis. The texture is quite thick – or maybe I’ve just layered it on hehe – and has little beads in it to exfoliate as you rub it into your skin. THE SMELL. I can’t even get over the smell. It just makes me want to eat my own face! It smells like those lemon puff biscuits, if some of you don’t know what that is or don’t remember it’s these:

It just smells good guys seriously.

Anyway I could write about it all day because that’s how much I loooove it but we need to move on:

The next product is also one that was given to me as a tester: it is the Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fit.

When it was given to me, it looked like this:

but I think it’s supposed to look like this….

Anyway, I love this BB cream, much much more than my Decleor BB cream that I raved about in a previous review! I think the tester at had a bit too much product in it because when I put it on my face it was very heavy so you can use less if you want less coverage I’m guessing. But really this has such a lovely texture (ie. it didn’t feel like I was actually slapping on make up, it felt very light and basically hardly there) , it’s not overly moisturising (thus not that oily) and seemingly has just the amount of moisture to make your skin look plump and healthy with a bit of a glow. It seemingly applies to a matte coverage but I felt it was so matte that your skin just looked dull, like I said it has a bit of a plumpy glowy thing going on. Again, it is very pigmented, when I wore this I didn’t even use concealer to cover any redness or my dark circles because it did it for me!!! I wore it for about 6 hours and it didn’t fade but I don’t know if it would’ve last all day – though I think it would last at least 10 hours but I don’t know whether that’s hope… – but I do want to mention that I didn’t even need powder to set it and it stayed that long on my face without budging. It’s just awesome, and I will definitely be buying this when I’ve tried/used the other BB cream things I’ve purchased from Laneige etc.

Another tester I was given was from Laneige it was the Water Supreme Primer Base in Mint:

I’ve tried a lot of primer, from Benefit to Maybelline to No 7 etc and I haven’t really liked them as much as I have this one. It has a nice texture, normally when I put a primer on over my moisturising cream I feel like there’s too much on my face and that my make up will slide right off but this is quite light and just goes on the skin great. I believe there are other colours for other skin types but the mint one is to fight redness so I’m quite lucky they gave me this one as a tester! It does significantly reduce redness, not so it’s completely gone but I think that’s the point due to it being a primer and not a foundation or BB cream etc. I will definitely be purchasing this primer at my earliest convenience, I still have one more packet tester for this so I’m saving it for when I really need it 😉

Now onto products I’m not so sure whether I like or not or whether I’m trying to like it:

First is the Etude House Magic Bubble Creamy Peeling Wash Foam (thing whatever it’s called bloody hell it’s a long name)

I’ve used this once and I actually bought this thinking it was a daily cleanser but it’s actually an exfoliator that you’re supposed to use once or twice a week. I quite like the foam idea of it, it feels nice on the skin. I think I used it wrong though cause I massaged it into the skin and it was created like little bumps with I assume was it exfoliating and getting all my dead skin etc but you’re supposed to leave it on your face for like 2-3 minutes so I think I applied it wrong. I don’t know whether it was due to this that I wasn’t that impressed with it as it did exfoliate my face but not as well as the Decleor one I often use. But I will try it again to see if I was just silly and used it wrong!

Next product is the Etude House Face Conditioning Cream:

This is meant to be a primer and a moisturiser in one I think. Now I’ve read a couple of reviews for this and everyone seemed to be buzzing. When I tried it it was a nice texture and was nice to rub into the skin but it really took some rubbing in. And I don’t know whether you’re supposed to put moisturising cream on then this or just skip to this because it created little white flecks/bumps that I had to get off with a cotton pad. So I will try it without apply moisturiser to see if it will create the same little flecks but I hope it doesn’t as I really want to like this product. As to whether it helps with application of make up I think that it does to a certain extent but I haven’t really tried it enough to be like YEAH IT IS AWESOME GO GET IT.

Next product is the Etude House Precious Mineral BB Compact Bright Fit:

This sounds bad but I foolishly bought this: my cousin had suggested the BB cream but I had been lured by the concept of a BB powder. I have only used this once so I might love it after a few more uses but for a first impression, it’s very very cakey. If you want full coverage, this powder is for you! It has a really matte finish so if that’s what you want then this is perfect. It didn’t look bad, it made my skin look flawless and I didn’t have to use concealer! But I just don’t like that kinda of coverage, I might have put too much on out of excitement for new make up but I really did just not really fall in love with this and I really wish, especially after trying the tester, that I had listened to my cousin and bought the cream instead of compact instead. I wore this for a night out and by the end of the night I could see some areas that were either flaking or just looking like they needed a touch up (but I feel like if I touched it up it would’ve gone even weirder) thank god it was dark hahaa.  All in all, I think this product will be amazing for others, but not as good for people like me who like a matte look so I don’t look over dewy but also like that plumpness to my face an a bit of a glow.

Last but not least is the Seaweed Ionic Clay Mask from The Body Shop:

I’ve wanted a clay mask for ages, and my friend and I happened to see this the other time we were in Body Shop but I never got round to buying it. I do like the texture and the mask itself is quite amusing as it dried to the extent that it feels like there is cement on your face, I know that doesn’t sound amusing but it made me giggle and it lets you know when it’s basically almost time for you to wash it off so you don’t have to keep looking at the time. For me, I don’t know whether it was due to the fact that my face isn’t actually too oily, it’s more dry/combination which causes a stinging because it was trying to suck out oils that the majority of my face doesn’t have: it’s mostly my T-zone and a little bit around my nose, but within about 5-10 minutes of putting it on, it stung so much like it was burning my face off. Now I think no pain no gain so I was happily just enduring it, it was my friend that told me to take it off if it’s causing irritation so I quickly removed it. Luckily I didn’t come up with any rashes or anything so I was relieved and I did notice some clearing of blackheads on my nose so next time I will probably either use it for JUST my T-zone or JUST my nose 🙂

So yeah that’s what I’ve been liking atm – I haven’t been out much since I’ve been back from Hong Kong as I did so much stuff whilst there like we went out everyday man and I’ve missed my bed so much that I’m like:

And Tom has been in Rome for a week so I have no hibernation buddy 😦 He comes back tonight though – at like 11pm 😦 – so YAYAYAYAYAYYAYAYA.

So yeah, aside from Monday when I actually socialised, my life has been pretty lame lately…

Hope you guys have been having a good summer! RESULTS DAY SOON WTF I HAVE TO GROW UP.

Good luck to me, hopefully I get into Birmingham because the idea of being 5 hours and 3 trains away from home at Kent makes me feel  just:

Good luck to those of you also getting your results!!