Student Perks.

Student life sucks, let’s be honest. Exams, deadlines, all-nighters, alcohol, unhealthy food. It’s not good for you.

The only perk to being a student nowadays are the discounts you get and the ‘student-focused’ campaigns from shops. However, the big chains don’t really have a student audience even when they pretend they do: they don’t see us as their primary concern despite the fact that students take up pretty much the majority of binge shoppers in society. Especially when student finance hits up their bank accounts.

But there is a light at the end of the tunnel – last year in September 2015 4YOUBYYOU LTD was born from the dreams of a talented 21 year old, Scott Mears.


He is currently running his business whilst on a placement year at Manchester Metropolitan University (I am barely managing my degree, JCR and language classes?!).

He says: “I always wanted to start my own business, I never thought that would be happening at the age of 21, and as inexperienced as I was, I still felt ready and motivated to transform my vision into a real business”

This is a student focused platform that works with different brands and sells a variety of things that range from skincare to haircare. Prices are feasible and the close relationships with the brands they work with gives me the impression that 4YOUBYYOU honestly works their hardest to provide the best for students. This is shown in their Meet The Brands page where you can find out about the specific brands they are collaborating with.

Their mission and values include:

 To create a “Student Centric” interactive / engaging / “the source” platform.

 To gain long lasting, life relationships with Student Unions and Students.

 To maintain our values as a business ‘For Students By Students’

 To Enhance and Engage Student Life.

This is especially evident in the fact that Scott has worked with over 150 Student Unions to get university specific discount codes!! See if your uni is on the list, if not, tell them! After all they work for you.

As well as all this, they have a Tips And Tricks page dedicated to solving all the trials and tribulations you will experience at uni from Freshers to Graduates. I definitely could have done with their ‘Fresher’s Tips: Surviving Your First Year At Uni’ or the ‘How To Survive A Hangover – Before, During And After’. Where was this when I needed it?! Atleast I can pass on the wisdom for you upcoming/current uni students now.

With regards to the future, Scott says: “Now the business is live the real journey only now begins. Now I have to deliver! I have to engage with Students and deliver what they themselves request. This is going to be the most exciting time for the business, I will be listening to all the requests and questions, then delivering more content and retail offerings as a result from the circa 200,000 students we already have on board (the target is to have over 400,000 by March 2016). I simply cannot wait until next placement year where I envisage taking on, up to another 20 placement students to carry on the success and student focus of the business”.

Luckily for my fellow student deal enthusiasts, they’ve given me a discount code to pass onto all my readers, simple use ‘EmeraldPhial’ for unlimited access to 20% off your order OR a gift with a purchase worth £5 on most products. Remember you can also use your Uni Discount Code with is available on their website!

Check out their website & social media (Twitter/Instagram/FB/YT) ASAP: 4YOUBYYOU

Much Love xoxo




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