Androgynous Is The New Cool.

I’m not going to lie, I love Asian fashion but when it comes to Japan I’m not overly keen on the popular trends like Lolita etc. Though people do look super adorable, all the frills and the layers, nah not for me.

However, Japan’s stepping up their game hitting the more soft chic fashionistas with their resurfacing of old trends this year.

Oji Girl おじガール

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As you know I’m a sucker for Victorian style trends and this Oji Girl is just the epitome of cute and refined and preppy.

“Think structured, oversized and vintage pieces in muted colors such as camel, brown and gray, and in classic patterns such as argyle, tweed and plaid (like Sherlock Holmes). Accessories such as round glasses, leather belts, scarves and berets can all contribute to that artsy, fatherly look.” – Maureen N, YesStyle Editor.

Considering that shirts, plaids and prep are my thing. This is definitely something I’m advocating.

Oyaji Girl オヤジ女子

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So this is very me as well.

“Also meaning “uncle girl”, the oyaji girl has a slightly negative connotation as it depicts girls who’ve been “friend-zoned” by males because of their masculine behaviors. The term became famous thanks to 2013’s J-drama Last Cinderella.” – Maureen N, YesStyle Editor.

“You know you’re an oyaji girl if you have the following traits:
• You never put on make up (okay I do but not a lot)
• You wear shabby (I’d like to say relaxed) clothes
• You smell like a bloke
• You have a foul mouth and talk dirty
• You stay at home on the weekends (THIS IS THE MAIN REASON)”

This is basically a trend for all you fellow potatoes that want to look good but it’s effort trying to fit into those jeans or shimming into that dress. I’m down for this, plus the angrogynous style is coming back in full swing! Comfort at it’s best.

French Toast Girl フレトー女子

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“Being a French toast girl means you’re sweet but simple, positive and approachable. Just as French toast is made from easy-to-get ingredients (bread, eggs, butter and honey), a French toast girl takes pride in mastering basic fashion staples such as striped tees, denim pieces and canvas shoes in neutral colors. Despite their gentle looks, French toast girls are strong-minded and practical, courageous and independent. Being a French toast girl means you’re beautiful inside and out!” – Maureen N, YesStyle Editor.

I have those days where I’m feeling more effeminate than usual, it’s normally when I miraculously wake up before my alarm and find that I actually have more time in the day than stuff to do. I’m very much a winter baby but I’m actually looking forward to some sunshine anytime soon kthxbye dreary Lancaster. Bring on spring please?

Much love xoxox


Disclaimer: Not a promotion post. All info and quotes and pics have come from



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