The Sparkling Gems of SS16.

The Telegraph announced that temperatures are going to reach -10 degrees in the wonderful county of Lancashire.

Luckily it’s the time of Spring Summer campaigns so I’ve been indulging in them and wishing for more sunshine than rain. I mean I do like rain but not so much that it drowns our town. And I always love it when it’s sunny and chilly at the same time: that’s the best type of weather.

Marc Jacobs

“This season’s ad campaign represents a series of connected events; a visual narrative.  It is a personal diary of people who have and continue to inspire me and open my mind to different ways of seeing and thinking.  The spectrum of individuals photographed in our Spring/Summer 2016 ad campaign represent a celebration of my America.  In collaboration with photographer David Sims and stylist Katie Grand, the people featured in our campaign personify this collection of fashion through their individuality.  Collectively, they embody and celebrate the spirit and beauty of equality.” – Marc

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I love the abstractness of this shoot, the clothes and variety of models speak the unique and celebrative atmosphere Marc Jacobs is wanting to create: the clothes especially reflect the individuality of each persona.

Kate Spade

The diversity of models and vibrancy of colours, in Kate Spade’s 2016 campaign, suit to the purpose of showing the individuality and unique atmosphere New York is known to behold.

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This simple but seemingly romantic shoot is what I can only describe as a rom-com shoot,there’s just something so pleasing to the eye about it. If I had to put a song to the photos I would choose ‘sunshine and lollipops’ by Lesley Gore.

Proenza Schouler

“The Spring 2016 collection explores the idea of unraveling, a sense of abandon – of cutting loose, of breaking things down. Peeling away layers to find something pure. Something soulful. A kind of freedom and optimism was key. A return to traditional clothes making and a focus on craft, but in an undone and uncomplicated way.” – Proenza Schouler.

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I love the angles in this photoshoot, it subtly focuses on the abstract aspects of the clothing yet contrasts it with the simplicity of the positioning.

Tommy Hilfiger

Our Spring ’16 campaign is inspired by the eternal island vacation. My family and I have always loved the Caribbean, and Mustique in particular is our favorite place to spend time together. This season, we channel this ‘island life’ inspiration into our colorful, cool campaign with an eclectic twist. We mix nautical and tropical influences with sun-washed palettes and athletic accents; it’s all about a relaxed beach holiday with a glamorous touch. – Tommy Hilfiger

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This really makes me want to go on holiday and lie in the sun till I burn. I can practically taste coconuts and smell the sunscream. Setting is beaut.


Prada effortlessly mixes the tropes of being traditional, quirky and cool in this clean cut shoot.

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Again, I love the setting in Prada’s photoshoot. It’s simple and traditional yet the clothes are quirky in contrast. Perfect match.


Moschino’s garish attitude has always been their signature style. It still works.

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As per, Moschino doesn’t let us down with their flamboyant style and colourful settings. I can only describe it as a guilty pleasure. I know there’s way too much going on in the photo but I love it as the same time.


Kate Moss is one of the embodiments of Paris chic, and she doesn’t disappoint in Equipment’s Spring 2016 Campaign.

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I’m not normally a big fan of black and white photographs but this is amazing. The simplicity of clothes and setting and colours just gives the atmosphere a softness and delicacy. I LOVE THIS.

Let me know what your favourite ad campaigns have been!

Much love xoxo



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