We Crave What We Can’t Have.

We all have those days where we’re feeling frumpy. It’s always those days that we see a gorgeous celestial being and we instantly go from human frump to a potato that wants to crawl back into the hole you crawled out from.

Wellllll. I have those days and then some. Now we all have our personal style unique to our character, granted, however there are always those people who can wear ANYTHING and look amazing. If you’ve never had this problem you’re probably one of these people..

I always have the predicament of either seeing someone wearing something and them looking super chic or ‘trendy’, orย finding something that is beau whilst shopping ,or there’s a latest trend that I can’t partake in because I’m like ‘yup, I can’t wear that and look like I actually thought about my outfit.’

I’ve compiled a collection of stuff, whilst online shopping or just general thoughts, that I wish I could wear but I can’t.

Fancy trousers. Of any sort.ย 

I don’t know whether it’s just my height or what but I just can’t wear trousers. If it’s not jeans or leggings it’s a skirt. Which just about screws my future work clothes choices because I will have to wear a skirt 24/7.

Cropped trousers are something I definitely want to be able to wear but I JUST CAN’T. I honestly think this is due to height or something. Maybe if I wore long trousers like the one previous to this and some heels my legs would look really long. But these, I really can’t salvage. LOOK HOW CHIC THEY ARE.

It also means I can’t dress ‘suave’ in stuff like this ^ on nights out. Guess I’ll stick to those skater dresses.ย Sob.

Anything that is meant to hang loosely on yourย frame.

So I’m not saying that EVERYTHING I wear has to be clinging to my skin, I’m just saying that things that are meant to just hang loosely on you always ends up making me look like a pumpkin. Jumpers are different, but dress like this just look SO comfy and relaxed yet stylish at the same time. I just don’t suit them and I have no idea why.


Why. WHY. Can I not wear these? I don’t even care that it would take a million years to remove so I could go to the bathroom. I neeeeeeeed these in my life. But honestly, I just don’t look as cool as everyone seems too when they don a pair of these, I look like a farmer.

Boyfriend or Mom jeans.

Again. Comfort and style all merged into one. And I can’t wear them since they just don’t sit right on my body. SAD.

I think I’ll stick to dresses and skirts then.

Much love xoxo



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