Jumper Hacks: How to Wear them.

I have to admit I wasn’t originally a massive fan of jumpers. I found them chunky, uncomfortable, heavy and I didn’t feel as ‘free’ walking around in them as I did when I was wearing a blouse or something.

It wasn’t really till this year that my love for jumpers grew to the extent that I would no longer feel shame in having bought the same jumper in four different colours. Instead of buying dresses or skirts, my eyes naturally drew towards the promising comfort that soft grey boyfriend style knit enticed me with.

So I didn’t really know what to wear with a jumper, the natural go to item was a pair of jeans. However considering I only really have one pair of jeans I particularly love because it goes with EVERYTHING: if I was to wear a jumper every day it wouldn’t take long for those jeans to get old and worn, and the other items of my wardrobe to gather dust and possibly wither away and die. It was time to get creative and bring some flavour to my winter outfits.

Jumper + Leggings (Or Jeans)


Jumper from H&M, Blouse from Topshop & Leggings from Next.

Like I said, this is normally the GO TO outfit for when you’re wanting to wear a jumper. For me, I always make sure that the jumper I wear with leggings always covers my behind. Just because personally I feel a bit bare if I don’t, it feels like I’m just wearing tights with nothing on the bottom. Plus if you’re unlucky enough to have bought rubbish quality leggings, your underwear is on risk of being on show the whole time you wear it. No attractive.

So if my jumper isn’t long enough then I will combine it with jeans. But I really do love the jumper + legging look just because it’s SUPER SUPER comfy. As long as you buy the right jumper, it’s style & comfort mushed into one.

Perfect for those cold, wet winter days.

Jumper + skirt


Jumper from Forever 21 & Skirt from Zara.

Okay so I do love J + L but this is also one of my favourite ways to make my jumpers look more interesting than they actually are. So whereas J + L can be much more chic in it’s style, since it’s relaxed yet still helping you make the statement that you actually took effort in how you looked today, I find on those days where I’m feeling a bit more inclined to dress without comfort in mind I add a skirt. Not that a skirt is uncomfortable but you’re just much more less able to manoeuvre however you want in one.


Jumper from Missguided & Skirt from Zara.

You don’t always have to wear a ‘short’ jumper with jeans, if you’re not feeling’ frumpy and that you need to cover up, teaming a cropped jumper and a midi skirt (sorry the picture doesn’t reach past my knees) is always a good call. This is also a good outfit if you’re wanting to wear those new heeled boots you think can only pair with jeans.

Jumper + Dress


Jumper from H&M & Pinafore from Topshop.

Now when I say jumper it doesn’t always have to be a thick chunky knit. Get layering to both keep that all essential body heat as well as adding some individuality to your outfits! I do like layering jumpers and dresses just because it always gives me that kind of preppy feel to it, and I LOVE LOVE the prep style, but also by using a jumper instead of a blouse or shirt, it’s more casual rather than looking like you’re going to school (although I have no shame in uniform-like clothing) or going to a formal event/work.


I don’t own one yet but I want to get one before the winter season has gone and it’s suddenly spring, and people in Lancaster are adorning themselves with next to nothing because a rare bit of sun is out. There are LOADS on my wishlist on Missguided and the quality of their jumpers aren’t too bad. The hurtful pangs of being a student.

That’s all I got, would love to hear your jumper stories ❤

Much love xoxox




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