A Quick Catch Up.

We’re just missing a cup of tea and some biscuits eh?

Sooooo… yeah. I wonder if due to not having posted for so long, whether some of you will be surprised about me popping up on your Newsfeed. I’m anticipating things like ‘who even is this?’ and ‘when did I follow this person?’

I am SO sorry. That’s really all I can say. Though I kind of say it more to appease my own guilt for not keeping up with posting regularly. I do kick myself everyday. Trust me.

Excuses range from I was super busy with university, to I had no inspiration (I was kind of just collecting post ideas like they were rare stamps), to I was just being a potato.

So I’m back. I promise. Forever. My New Year’s Resolution is to post once a week. I think I need to hire someone to be like SAMMI YOU NEED TO POST THIS WEEK, and nag me till I give in and splurge something for you guys. But until then it’s just me so I will power through!!

Anyway, enough of the personal guilt-trip.

What I’ve been doing & what I’ve done lately:

Second Year English Literature is crazy hard; and by hard I mean there’s so much reading that I should be happy because books โค but I’m not because there’s too much, and storylines start to merge, and suddenly in my mind I’ve created some kind of literary ball of words. (+ a part time job that required 12 hours every Friday and Saturday, I basically had no time for anything. Sometimes not even to breathe, it was tragic. But I’m okay now.)

The Tab Lancaster is flourishing and I’m super happy about what I’ve been able to achieve (along with a lot of help from my writers and the other half of my editorial team) in a year. Unfortunately, I’m handing over my crown to two perfectly capable writers and I’m praying they will make it even better than what I have done. I know they will.

Christmas was the first time I could relax mildly since September and it was amazing. I took advantage and chilled so much I was in a vegetative state for the majority of it. I went to Munich with some home friends: we went shopping at the Christmas markets, we ate, we drank, we went sledging. It was amazing!!! For New Year I went to London to see the fireworks they were awesome too, next stop is New York for New Year’s. I hope!

Now that I’m back at university it’s just coursework and exams. I’m now part of my college JCR (student council type thing) as International Officer. I’m also taking Mandarin classes (in the hope of trying to tick more boxes for Asian stereotypes haha) and I loooove them! I’m currently writing my CV in hope to get a Fashion Internship this summer/ easter if I must but exams so hopefully I’ll get one for summer.

My plans/hopes for this year…


It’s my 21st birthday this year and it’s the same for some of my friends. We’ve all planned something big holiday wise to do for our birthdays. Friend 1 has booked for us to go to Dublin in March for two days. SUPER EXCITED. I LOVE GREEN AND IT WILL BE ALL I WEAR FOR THE TWO DAYS I AM THERE. Friend 2 wants to go to London for a weekend break (it’s prime exam time near her birthday so she was being considerate to all of us) and to go to Harry Potter Studios, which I am also really excited for because I’ve never been but always wanted to go BUT never found time. I want to go to Iceland for the hot springs and Northern Lights. Friend 3 wants to go to Croatia, who can say no to sunshine.

That’s pretty much us all caught up. I hope you’ve all had an amazing Christmas and New Year. My first REAL post will be tomorrow (hopefully fingers crossed), I will start drafting it now as we speak. Well, as you read.

Much love xoxoxo






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