Winter Wishlist.

Winter is Coming Wallpaper

I freakin’ love winter. It is by far the best season!

I don’t need to do this…

Or avoid these…

Or mistake these for the above and squeal like a pig and run away…

Or abnormally sneeze 20 times in a row…

Whyyyyyyy are you so pretty but do deadly?!?!?!

Anyway, I digress…

Another thing I love love about winter is the fashion!!! All the layering and fur and jumpers makes me just….

So this post will be like a wishlist: I’m going to show you guys what I am loving/wishing I could purchase from the upcoming AW14 clothing lines, that is either instore/online or will be soon!! The majority are from high street stores so we don’t have to cry about not being able to afford a £500 coat from Alexander McQueen, or Miu Miu, or Valentino. However saying this, some high street stores are trying to reach higher by rising their prices  😦 I don’t know what the deal is but come on, we’re students, have a little pity. Even with your 10% discounts it’s like 10p off the original price sometimes. If you’re going to raise prices then at least give us 50% or 25%… first world problems ey? Nonetheless, I cave into the prices sometimes just because some things are really too good to not have 😥 no willpower whatsoever, thank god I never liked smoking otherwise I would be skiiiiiinnnnnnntttttttttt!

I will move on from the depressing life of student and onto what this post is about:

From New Look:

I am loving their coats selection for winter time ❤

Pale Blue (Blue) Pale Blue Wool Mix Funnel Coat  | 314564145 | New Look

Black Pattern (Black) Black Check Duster Coat  | 320438309 | New Look

Green Pattern (Green) Green Check Faux Fur Collar Coat  | 320854539 | New Look

And from Miss Selfridge:

I love their new scarves and coats:

From ASOS:

I am again loving the coats… If I had the money, I think I would have a coat for each day of the week… Maybe even more!





So near to ‘Back To School’, Topshop has released a new collection called Adorkable.

I absolutely love everything but here’s what I want:

I recently bought a skirt that is similar to this in black, sadly I think it was specifically for Tall or maybe I’m just too short but it was freakishly long on me that I looked like:

But with a skirt. They don’t seem to do a ‘normal’ size, they only do this skirt in Tall or Petite, so the link will be to the petite one.

This isn’t winter related but wtf how cute is this bobble?! The colours make me want to eat it..

Another thing unrelated to winter but are so so pretttyyyyy!

And from My1stWish/Public Desire:

I really want this shoes, I saw them on their instagram (@publicdesire). Man I want them 😥

And that’s my winter wishlist so far… mostly coats!

I deleted my logo because it was super lame and I thought of a better one but I just need the artist to create it for me!! 😦

Hard times.




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