Weekend Shenanigans.

This weekend has been pretty uneventful, I have been just working and chillin’ with Tom as it is almost time that we part for our holidays; he is going to Magaluf while I am going to Hong Kong, so as you can see we’re trying to cram as much time together as possible. Aside from cram time with Tom, I got my hair cut, I wanted my hair to seem thicker so decided to cut my hair all one length to give an illusion that it is thicker as layers can make your hair seem fine and wispy if you don’t tend to it. Since I’m pretty lazy nowadays, layered hair was just a bother for me haha. I wish I didn’t cut my fringe though I don’t know why I said yes when the hairdresser asked me if I wanted to cut it ๐Ÿ˜ฆIMG_1086

I also french manicured my nails, that was the first time it’d gone right and also went out (I can’t remember what I did but I went out haha), so my OOTD for that is below:

IMG_1089 IMG_1090

I just want to take a couple of lines to dedicate to the really mean Asian-I-Hope-She-Wasn’t-Chinese-Because-She’s-Making-Us-Look-Bad lady that came in last night and ordered cocktails, then proceeded to complain about them saying that my colleague had only technically put half shots of vodka and archers in the cocktails (because he was making two, we normally just put twice the measurements in) and she doubt it will taste of anything. And when she went to taste, commented that it didn’t taste strong enough therefore smugly said that it was due to my colleague not putting enough shots in. Number one, I don’t understand why people obsess over tasting the alcohol in cocktails, I thought the whole point was to be UNABLE to taste the alcohol which is what makes them so great!! Number two, when my colleague in attempt to appease her gave her more alcohol in it andย as well as slipping inย ‘oh you’re the first to complain’, she proceeded to say ‘well we have high standards, we’re not from Blackpool’ and laughing as if it was funny. I AM TELLING YOU NOW IT IS NOT FUNNY. Why would you say that to someone who clearly lives in Blackpool? Are you saying I will settle for anything? ARE YOU SAYING I WOULD EAT FAECES BECAUSE I CLEARLY HAVE NO STANDARDS AND WILL GO FOR ANYTHING?And can I just point out she wasn’t in Blackpool, she was in POULTON. Just because Blackpool is near Poulton doesn’t make it Blackpool, that’s like me saying I live in Preston because it’s a 20 minute train ride away. NO I DON’T BECAUSE THEY ARE TWO DIFFERENT PLACES. Not that Blackpool is even that sketty, the council has actually made it really pretty and the majority of people are really nice (if you catch them on a bad day though… erm…) Guys I seriously wanted to grab her drinks and throw them away and tell them to leave if they didn’t want peasant dirt all over their drinks. I have a low tolerance level I know, and I probably need anger management but I’m normally okay with mean customers but I ABSOLUTELY HATE people who think they’re better than you. This was more than a couple of lines I’m sorry. But that kinda stuff just makes me so angry. Don’t ever let anyone make you feel less than them, because the chances are, you’ll possess so much more than they will ever do. It makes me sad that my colleague had to deal with that and he didn’t even stand up for himself, but since he’s from Bengali I guess Blackpool spirit isn’t really instilled haha.

So that was basically my weekend upto now: today mother and I went to shopping so these are my purchases, I’m sorry I’m not really talking through them but I am already late in picking up tom WOOPS. And I need to get petrol!!!!! Bottom line is, I love them all and I hope you guys had a lovely weekend โค


My OOTD for today!

River Island

DSC04893 DSC04897DSC04895

The Perfume Shop & Superdrug (wanted this hair jelly for ages!!!)

DSC04899ย DSC04898

River Island & Miss Selfridge

ย ย DSC04890DSC04894

I am so so so so late!

Ps. Not really liking the new WordPress post layout :/Oh well, will get used to it.





3 thoughts on “Weekend Shenanigans.

  1. ๐Ÿ™‚ you’re my favourite fashion blogger
    I love reading your posts, and you’re so sweet and sorry this is random but ๐Ÿ˜€


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