Shopping Haul! Finally!!!!

At long last, here is my shopping haul from Topshop, Primark, New Look, Bank, River Island, Superdrug, Sports Direct and Body Shop!!!



I got all of these in the SALE and they are super cute, you can tell I have an obsession with green ahaha. Can’t wait to wear them for you guys!!


Been wanting this choker for ages but was waiting to see if it would go in the sale ๐Ÿ˜ฆ it didn’t, so I had to buy it full price (with student discount of course ;)).


I get the majority of my clothes from Primark ahah, my friends are always like how do you find anything?! ย It’s a sixth sense I tell you, some people can talk to ghosts I can find really pretty things for really cheap, kinda.


I love this bag, there was ย pink one too but I felt blue went with more, it’s so adorable! I actually think my friend Obscuredbeauty also has this bag but I didn’t realise till I bought it, it’s big enough to fit essentials such as phone, purse, (in my case) handcream, hand sanitiser and lip balm (and maybe a pair of sunglasses) but not so big you are chucking in anything you can find that will fill unwanted space.


I have featured two of these shorts in OOTD’s so you should be familiar with them, I use the green ones (with BRAZIL imprinted on the bum) as leisure shorts so just chillin’ in my house etc. I don’t actually support Brazil I just liked the green…

DSC04878 DSC04877

I have only worn the nude ones as of yet and they are super comfy, but I did try on the white wedges and they feel comfy so fingers crossed!!!

New Look

DSC04886 DSC04885

I am loving the mini crop tops combi with kimono’s this year and purchased this beauty to start off my collection! Hopefully I can find more, I’m not a big fan of prints and prefer plainer just colours and unfortunately they only had another white one, but none my size! So will just have to go hunting. And well, the watermelon lip balm was a just-because buy, in the sense that it’s just because I love watermelons.



I think I’ve featured my vans in an OOTD, but I also got these in the sale for only ยฃ30!!!! And they are so squishy and comfy and I love them it’s like I’m wearing slippers :’)

River Island


I needed sunglasses, end of.



I hate that moment where you paint your toenails and literally like nudge something with your foot and they all get ruined so had to purchase those toe-separator things ahaha, and I wanted to try the Revlon Colourburst for a while, compared to the Clinique chubby stick though, this is just a fake Gucci. But like a fake Gucci, it still works the same. I just prefer Clinique haha, I feel the chubby stick is more moistening for my dry lips where as Revlon kinda highlights the dryness, if that makes any sense.

Sports Direct


Like I said I wanted to start running so gathered real running supplies in order to motivate me as I actually spent money on this and therefore don’t want to waste them.

Body Shop


I wanted to try this line since it was suppose to brighten your skin! I however had to return the polish due to the fact that before I even opened it, I was casually brushing my teeth and reading the back and it said ‘not to be used for sensitive skin’ so I was glad I read it before using it! I did try their softer cleanser but it really didn’t work for my skin so I decided to go back to my tea tree cleanser hehe. I do however love the energising spray, it just smells gorgeous and doesn’t mess up your make up AND really does make you feel a little more awake. I mean it’s no ProPlus but it’s a softer version of that haha.

I also got this scarf from Miss Selfridge in the sale:


but it was actually for one of my friends as she had been wanting it forever but never got round to buying it, so since it was in the sale I was like MEH why not. But yeah it’s cute ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway that was my haul from like 2 weeks ago till now, hope you enjoyed reading!

Was so windy today, hope no one got blown away!




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