June Favourites.

As I promised, I’m doing my June Favourites now even if it is a little later than I’d want it to be haa.

So I haven’t got much in my favourites for last month – it’s very exclusive ๐Ÿ˜‰ There’s only really 3 products that I have been in love with but it’s okay because my Topshop stuff has arrived!!!! And my shopping haul post will be so long so it kinda makes up for it ๐Ÿ™‚

To start off, I absolutely fell in love with soap and glory last month – now! I just want to try everything now ๐Ÿ˜ฆ My love is the SuperCat Eyeliner by them:

Now I only really went to try this out because I saw a video on Zoella where she was buzzing about how easy this was application wise, and being a novice in liquid eyeliner I decided to try it out. I have to agree SO BADDLLYYY. IT’S SO FRICKIN’ EASY. It’s kinda like when you were a child and you used felt tip to draw on your face in attempt to mimic make up. You basically just draw your eyeliner on. I don’t even know how to put into words how easy this is to do the perfect eyeliner. You will have to go out and buy it and see for yourself! As for stay power I find that it stays almost all day, when I go to work I normally top it up a bit but that’s more an OCD thing than a necessity. The black is really black as well so your eyes don’t suddenly do that thing where they turn grey. WOOP. Love it.

Another thing from Soap and glory has infiltrated my favourites: it is the Soap and Glory Hand Food:

You can get loads of sizes of this but I find that I prefer the small one due to the fact that I’m not use bags that are as big anymore since I don’t have college so it fits nicely into my small bags. I have been loving this product for like 4 years now and it’s still my go to hand cream. It just smells so divine and it doesn’t leave your hands all oily and horrible and it actually FEELS NICE to rub into your hands. I also love it because with like one application it can save your rough/coarse hands immediately. โค โค <3.

The next thing on my June Love’s List is the Decleor BB cream: now I only got this by chance when I was actually in search of the Clarins BB cream because I’d heard it was good but as I went to a shop to purchase it they actually said they don’t do Clarins anymore and they gave me a tester for the Decleor one:

I love this BB cream. End of. I used to obsess over the Olay touch of foundation BB cream but this is just heaven in a tube, I feel like you don’t get a lot for the price of ยฃ23 but I feel like it’s so worth it. It has Hydra Flora oils in it so I wouldn’t suggest it for oily skin but I have dry/combination skin and I find that this doesn’t over oil-ify? Is that a word? It is now. And it smells gorgeous! I normally put power over it as it has a very very light coverage but I put powder over everything since I prefer a matte finish over a dewy look as I feel overly sweaty haha. It’s not highly moisturising but I think it’s has just enough to stop your skin being like this:

but not so muchย moisture that it makes you look like this:

So yeah major thumbs up for Decleor!

That’s all for June!

If you guys have been loving any other products please tell me because sharing is good ๐Ÿ˜‰




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