Domestic Goddess.

Today was supposed to be a day for relaxing, I guess in some way it was. However, instead of doing what I wanted to do ie. starfish on my bed and contemplate what life would be like as a starfish, I ended up actually venturing outside out of requirement.

Comfy clothes + no make up + blindness = no socially acceptable to be outside.

But I was too lazy to do anything.

 Processed with Rookie

In the morning I ate breakfast, as you do; I have a huge obsession with bagels. Bagels and tiger bread make my life worth living ❤


Then I had to take my mum to get her haircut. This led me to contemplate getting a perm… I don’t know if it’s a good idea simply due to the fact that if it goes wrong then I would have to live with being a poodle for a couple of weeks. Maybe even months?! Though my mother tried to comfort me in saying that I can have loose curls, I think my hair is what I care about most and I’m not going to lie, if I had to live with a terrible hairstyle for longer than 24 hours (even that’s a push) I’d probably suffer some sort of breakdown that wouldn’t be diagnosable by doctors…

I remember one time ages ago in high school where I had my hair cut and it was tremendously short (to me anyway). I cried and refused to go to school, though my mum forced me (as in she was about to drag me to the car in my pyjamas) and I reluctantly complied, I hated every minute until it grew back. That’s how much my hair means to me, lame I know, but there’s one thing about all of us that we like the most and find the only redeeming quality about ourselves: and mine happens to be my hair.

Returning home, I decided to spring clean my room! I threw out so much unnecessary stuff: I was like 99% hoarder, 1% trash collector. I always like cleaning my room just because it makes me feel fresher and I don’t know, just, makes me feel like I have my life together. This helps when I am feeling emotionally a wreck especially when things get on top of me, though often I don’t clean my room when I am on the verge of melting, I just crawl into bed and hope no one finds me. I was so tired after this; it was the most exercise I’d done in ages! Which made me realise I need something to keep me moving for summer so I don’t turn into this:

Or this:

File:Snorlax AG anime.png

I want to take up running as that requires no money which is always good and it’s supposed to help you aerobically (I think that’s what I mean) and yano, a girl has to be prepared for the zombie apocalypse. It’s the unhealthy ones that go first because they can’t run away fast enough or far enough! And I feel at 18 I should be able to walk up a pair of stairs without feeling like I’ve just been choked to the brink of death.

I then ate tea, nothing is better than home-cooked food, I take it for granted now but I will miss my family’s home made food when I am at uni and have to live off beans because I am terrible at monitoring my spends!


I then painted my nails because it’s sunny and pretty nails are a must:

Processed with Rookie

I bought a few other colours from Maybelline as I really like their gel nail varnish and they’ve release some BEAUTIFUL colours in this brand. It claims to super stay for 7 days but after like 3 days I find I need to either do another coat or change what I’m wearing. That’s even with a base and top coat!


I mean come on, look at that orange colour! Cannot wait to wear it, decided I would wear it for my birthday since it matches my outfit and gives me a chance to wear the mint this week and the pink next week! But yeah, I definitely recommend having at look at their range if you’re searching for summery nail varnishes.

I also bought this hair curler, now I’m nervous about these just because if you have been with me since I first started, you’ll have read my post about buying some curlers from ASDA and despite them being a big brand they broke and almost killed me. Okay, it like buzzed my pinky but still… I see that as a near death experience. I haven’t yet tried these curlers and am praying they are good since I got them from Argos (better than ASDA???) and they seem promising: I will be using it tomorrow so I will upload a picture of what my curls have come out like! Apparently it has like argan oil infused into the iron to help your hair become healthier with every use, I highly doubt that just because where is this oil? I seek no leakage. But I will review the curlers once I know for certain my opinion on them 🙂


Then for the rest of the night, I’ve just been watching anime, because, I’m not in the mindset to power through my huge list of need-to-read-books and I am still a kid, I just love cartoons.

I have decided the URL change will happen on the 28th June, since that is my birthday and good things happen on birthdays! That leaves 13 days till URL change guys!

Note the date in your diary 😉 ❤


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