May Favourites.

Heeeeey guysssss, so I’ve been swamped in revision (& procrastination) so my favourites for May are a little shorter as I have had time to run around looking for pretty things haha!

This has to be my all time favourite (well, this summer) body wash. It just smells so good, it warns you on the bottle that it isn’t something to be consumed but seriously, the smell is so divine that you’ll probably forget about that! I used to be devoted to the Lime & Ginger one, I was convinced that was the one for me, but this one has just messed up my perceptions haha.

I normally hate bath stuff given to me for my birthday etc… But if someone got me all possible flavours of these body washes, I’d cry.

I am absolutely loving Body Shop for skin products this month. My skin had been quite bad (probably from trying loads of different make up hehe) and no matter what I tried it was not possible to get it back to normal again. I was suffering from spots and blemishes; it didn’t feel great. But on a day when I was shopping with a friend, she needed to go into the body shop for something and I saw the tea tree stuff stating they were for blemished skin. At first I was doubtful because I’d tried so many things, I was kinda like ‘okay, might as well’. BUT I AM SO GLAD I DID. Not only do I adore the smell of tea tree (which is strange as it’s the stuff to keep nits away as a child) but it did wonder for my skin. I adore the mask since it creates such as refreshing feeling.

I have dry/combination skin and I feel it works perfectly. Though sometimes I do feel that my skin is still a little dehydrated those days where your skin needs an extra hydration boost so I wouldn’t recommend the moisturising creams for extremely dry skin? Maybe use the cleanser and toner and couple with a cream that gives your skin the hydration it needs? I dunno, but guys you should definitely try this! Especially since I think these are worth the money, people normal turn to expensive brands to fix their skin, and that’s what I tried but I found that it made it worse; body shop is so much more purse friendly and worth every penny!

So it’s my birthday soon!!!!!! And my amazing mother decided to treat me with an outfit to go out in on my birthday. I fell in love with this playsuit at first sight (most probably because it’s green and it’s my favourite colour). It fits perfectly aside from because I’m a 10 on the waist down it’s a bit short on my bum, but nothing the new kimono-craze can’t solve right? ๐Ÿ˜‰

I honestly cannot wait till after my exams which finish on the 12th June! I have so much to look forward to! It almost makes me wanna fast forward and skip exams and get to the good bits ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Me and my friend are also attending Company Magazine’s 2014 Style Blogger Awards on the 18th June. I’m so excited that I’m just like USNGOUSDNGUOSNGODSUGNSOUDGHNSONDJFN whenever I think about it! I’m praying that there will be some bloggers I know there otherwise ย ๐Ÿ˜ฆ sad. But even if my favourites aren’t there I’m sure there will be loads I will fall in love with when I’m at the event. The only problem is, I don’t know the dress code. Me or my friend have never been to one of these things and we don’t want to look like ‘commoners’ in presence of the ‘famous people’ Any suggestions?

Wish me luck for exams! I will be needing it ๐Ÿ˜ฅ


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