Today’s outfit + painting my own face.

This morning I felt like those women that work in the make up section of department stores by wearing as much of my new make up as I could.


My skin felt mildly rejuvenated so I decided to use the Collection Lasting Perfection as my foundation today. I have to say I would only use this foundation if I were going out partying because it seems to be noticeably heavy as an everyday foundation. It had a medium-heavy coverage which is why I wouldn’t use it a lot but obviously if this is what you’re looking for then I’d advise it! As for the promise of 16 hour wear, I’d say this was very true. My dark circles and redness are still hidden under the mask this foundation has created and give a very matte yet seemingly natural finish.

I also tried the Maybelline Superstay 24 hour lip colour. The only thing I really liked about this lip gloss/stick thing was the colour; I got the colour Pink Spice and it reminds me of the kind of apple/cinnamon spice associated with Christmas. As for the 24 hour lip colour. I think it lasted an hour and that was because I was in a lesson, once I ate and drank it was gone. Now I don’t know whether I put it on right but there are only two steps: lip gloss then lip balm!? I couldn’t have got it wrong right? Let me know if I’m wrong!

I am absolutely in love with the Soap and Glory Archery Brow liner! With eyebrow pencils I found they were more waxy than natural and have now fully converted to this almost liquid liner for eyebrows.

Monday’s are always a painful day but mine was quite good, anything interesting happen to you guys today?


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