An epiphany in the midst of a fog.

So today I had a mild epiphany and it was because of something my parents always say to me.
“Everyday is like a fashion show for you”
Whilst this wasn’t a compliment and more of a lecturing at my abundance of clothes, it made me think about my blog. So I decided that since I’m not a pro in the make up department, I would make a focus of this blog to be on my day-to-day clothes since this is what I’m passionate about, other than food. Thus from now on, I will try and post a picture of what I wore each day of the week to share my passion with other people, though they may not contain a piece of writing about my day and just be a singular picture of what I wore, I decided this was a good start to finding my way. Starting with today.
Miss Selfridge ยฃ25 (SALE!)
Ps. I just want to comment on how ridiculously foggy it was tonight in Lancashire and how hard it was to see whilst driving. What happened to the promising sunshine?!

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