Tingling Sensation.

I mildly electrocuted myself today, I may have affected my nerves in my pinky but it’s still movable so I assume I’ll be okay.

A tip for people searching for a new curling irons: DON’T buy ones from Asda or probably any other superstore… Even if it is Tony and Guy and you think it is a really good deal. Whilst trying to fix my fragile curling iron after knocking it onto the floor, stupidly I had not turned it off at the plug and managed to almost fry my pinky. It still feels weird and maybe a little numb…

On a good note, today I modeled for the very first time, it was surprisingly fun and I hope to do it again sometime. The only awkward thing was that I had to remove my top and pull my straps down due to the photographer wanting to focus on collarbones and shoulders, however I found that once you get used to the cold it wasn’t that bad.

This is quite a short entry.
But I’m too intrigued with Gossip Girl, my current obsession, to try and remember what happened today.


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