Fresh like a new-born babe.

So I’ve been wanting to create my own blog for a while now, however, a number of things stopped me.

I’m not all great with technology, even though our generation has been immersed by every possible Apple creation known to man, thus creating and maintaining a blog seemed horrific to me.
Another thing was that I never knew whether I would have enough to say or whether my life was worth documenting because half the time all I do is eat and sleep with a bit of television and attempted book reading/revision thrown in there. I wish I had a lifestyle that promoted alcohol, sex and drugs as being a good thing but disappointingly; I am like a turtle, except I am in constant hibernation unless necessity requires me to venture out of my hole andย socialise ie. birthdays.
Despite that long list of negatives that now seems pathetically small having written it down, I was inspired to take a leap of faith when I saw that a fellow student had their own blog.
Seeing how amazing they had made theirs, I received a shot of motivation to my lazy bones and decided there was nothing really for me to lose.
So here I am writing my first blog on a Monday night at 23:20 whilst my boyfriend sleeps on the other side of FaceTime.
Whilst this doesn’t exactly promote my blog as an adrenaline-filled adventure; I like clothes, I like food and my life has moments of being amusing and brightening.
When I leave the house at least…
Write soon.
Chammi (AKA)

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