Heeeeyyyyy, so don’t hate me, I know I haven’t blogged in agessssssssssssss.

But some shitty stuff happened. Pardon my french.

Me and Tom split up for real this time and I’m not gunna lie to you, it destroyed me. There’s no point pretending it didn’t hurt because it did; I mean we were together for 2 years and I was thrown away like I was nothing.

But I’m picking the pieces of my heart back slowly, with undying love and help from my family (my mama and papa have been unbelievably supportive and loving and just amazing and I couldn’t have done anything without them) and the support of my friends, with this each day feels better: I just can’t wait till it’s over and I’m back to full strength.


I’ve moved into my uni accommodation now and pictures will come soon of what my room looks like!

As for OOTD, since it’s freshers, there isn’t much dressing up (well you know what I mean) so I will show you when I can okay?

I love you.

Thankyou for being tolerant.

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